Connect Dreamspark in free- great opportunity for college student

Great opportunity for college students to join microsoft dreamspark in free. If you’re in college, chances are you’re overwhelmed by rising tuition and textbook costs.  Here’s how you can get a little break with absolutely free development and design software from Microsoft via DreamSpark.

Although many students still don’t know of it, DreamSpark has been offering free Microsoft software to students since 2008.  Similar to MSDNAA, students can download and use software for educational and personal use entirely for free, except with DreamSpark, all students are eligible.  DreamSpark has recently expanded it’s offerings with training and access to the Windows Mobile Marketplace.  Let’s look at how you can take advantage of these offerings if you’re a student.

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Being the CEO and Founder of ClecoTech International, Mr. Ashish Prajapati is dedicated towards his aim of mentoring young startups into a full-fledged businesses. He is helping startups from America, Europe, India, and various other countries through proper guidance and the use of latest technologies to develop their innovation and ideas into definite realities.

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