Sunspot Solr Search example with all important features

Below you will find all the practical information about that sunspot solr search:

Points those are covered below :

1. Solr search for same model
2. Solr search in relationships
  a. has_many  ( Using Join )
  b. has_one ( Using Join and without join )
3. Search products by price ranges
  a. Follow that for more specific information
4. Order all the products by location ( lat lng ) as per end user location
  a. In model
    latlon(:location) {, store.lng) }
  b. In controller
    order_by_geodist(:location, params[:latitude], params[:longitude])
5. Find nearest products in some distance as per my location ( lat, long )
  with(:location).in_radius(params[:latitude], params[:longitude], params[:distance]) if !params[:distance].blank? && params[:distance].to_i > 0
6. Search by tags as per acts-as-taggable-on gem or normal array of tags
  a. In Model
    string :tags, :multiple => true do
  b. In Controller
     with(:tags, params[:tags].split(“,”)) if !params[:tags].blank?

We are setting up the objects inside the model like that :

  # Setting Up Objects  
searchable do
integer :id
integer :store_id
text :title
join(:city, :target => Store, :type => :text, :join => { :from => :id, :to => :store_id })
join(:state, :target => Store, :type => :text, :join => { :from => :id, :to => :store_id })
join(:landmark, :target => Store, :type => :text, :join => { :from => :id, :to => :store_id })
join(:address, :target => Store, :type => :text, :join => { :from => :id, :to => :store_id })
join(:pin_code, :target => Store, :type => :text, :join => { :from => :id, :to => :store_id })
latlon(:location) {, store.lng)
string :tags, :multiple => true do
float :pricing do
# join(:mrp_per_unit, :target => Pricing, :type => :float, :join => { :from => :product_id, :to => :id })
text :category do
text :sub_category do
text :child_sub_category do

It is the code that we can write in controller for performing the search based on the added objects in model: do 
fulltext params[:q] if !params[:q].blank?
order_by_geodist(:location, params[:latitude], params[:longitude])
fulltext params[:pin_code], {fields: :pin_code} if !params[:pin_code].blank?
with(:tags, params[:tags].split(",")) if !params[:tags].blank?
with(:location).in_radius(params[:latitude], params[:longitude], params[:distance]) if !params[:distance].blank? && params[:distance].to_i > 0
fulltext params[:location], {
fields: [:city, :landmark, :address, :state]
} if !params[:location].blank?
any_of do
eval(range).is_a?(Range) ? with(:pricing).between(eval(range)) : with(:pricing).greater_than(eval(range))
end if !params[:pricing].blank?
paginate :page => params[:page], per_page: 15

For more simple example please visit that

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