What is PHP ?

Its Official name is Hypertext preprosessor, and it is server side scripting language. When your web browser access a url. It is making a request to web server. When you request a PHP page, something like http://www.companyname.com/index.php, the web server wakes up the php parse engine and provide result back to the browswer. This output is passed back to the Web server as part of the HTML code in the document, which in turn is passed on to your browser, which displays it to you.

In 1994, an incredibly forward-thinking man named Rasmus Lerdorf developed a set of tools that used a parsing engine to interpret a few macros here and there.He eventually combined these tools with a form interpretation (FI) package he had written, added some database support, and released what was known as PHP/FI. By 1997, more than 50,000 Web sites were using PHP/FI to accomplish different tasks—connecting to a database, displaying dynamic content, and so on.  After some time, the final release of PHP 3.0 occurred in June of 1998 and so on development is in progress with many new verions as PHP 4.0, PHP 5.0 and PHP 6.0 with many new things.

PHP kya hai ?

Iska pura naam hypertext preprocessor hai, aur yeh ek server side scripting language hai. Jab bhi aap apne browser par koi url access karte ho to, apka browser directly web server ko request send karta hai. Jab bhi aap agar koi PHP page access karte ho, jaise http://www.companyname.com/index.php to web server php parse engine ka use karke apko result deta hai. Web server ke through jo bhi result apko dikhta hai wo html language mai hot hai.

1994 mai Rasumus Lerdorf ne bahut sare tools develope kiye, jo ki parsing engine ka use karte the result dene ke liye. Unhone in sabhi tools ka ke sath form interprtation package ka use kiya aur usme database support diya aur isi ko PHP/FI ke naam se jana jata hai. 1997 tak 50,000 se bhi jyada websites mai PHP/FI ka use kiya gaya. Kuch samay baad june 1998 mai PHP 3.0 release hua aur nay version progress mai hai bahtu sari nayi cheejo ke saath as PHP 4.0, php 5.0 aur PHP 6.0.

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