Will India and Pakistan war affect IT Sector in India?

Currently, India plays a very crucial role in Software development industry around the World. Most of the Software are outsourced to India directly or indirectly.

 It is because because of the good quality of the work in lower cost. and advance timezone as compare to US and Europe.

IT works are mostly done online via Internet. and IT engineers mostly connected with all related news. If we talk about the war situation against Pakistan, Tension of the border also flow throughout the country indirectly. So small affect in the work is already seen due to online active media news etc.

But if the real war will happen:

In case of LOC war, If that is a ground level war or the war in the LOC border, then It will not have much impact on Software industry much. 

In case of Nuclear war, If the level increase to the and the area of the violence spread to the Metro cities of the 
India i.e. Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Noida, Mumbai or Kolkota then we are not sure how bad it will impact to India and the world. But it will be worst for the world for next 20 years or more.

InShort, Neither India Nor Pakistan want the War to show their army power to the world in cost of the loss for number of innocent people and going down in the growth of the country. Both country understand this and know their limits for sure.

Wishing, The Non-destructive sanguine thoughts.

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