World First Laptop Ad (1893)

Just when you are typing comfortably on your laptop while it rest nicely on your lap, don’t start getting idea that this is only made available thanks to the technology revolution made possible these recent decades. The image above is an laptop ad from the 1893, perhaps the first laptop ever.

This typewriter measures at 12 inches long by 6-1/2 inches wide by 2 inches deep; very much similar to the measurement of any laptop nowadays.
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The next time you’re feeling all smug and twenty-first century commuting into the office while using your laptop to catch up on emails or prep for a presentation, consider the following. Back in 1893, a publication called The Manufacturer and Builder hyped a new portable typewriter that could “readily be used on the lap, on the desk, on the train—in short, anywhere”—and showed a forward-thinking commuter doing just that. Click through for a closer look at the world’s first laptop.

A Laptop From 1893

Measuring 12 inches long by 6-1/2 inches wide by 2 inches deep, and weighing a mere 3 pounds, the World typewriter was roughly the same size as many of today’s laptop computers. Instead of a keyboard, however, the World used a dial; users chose a character with the right hand, then used the left to operate a lever that pressed it into the paper. Yet another lever was used to make spaces between words. Even so, the World typewriter was said to be

    . . . readily mastered, so that after a month or two of practice any one of ordinary intelligence, by application, can acquire a speed of forty words per minute, or about twice the number that a rapid penman will write with the pen.

Of course, a fast typist on a QWERTY keyboard could reach speeds of 100 words per minute or more—a fact that may have helped contribute to the World typewriter’s fade into oblivion.
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