Uploading the Images While Pick Image From FilePicker With Filestack Services

Hey Guys,

we can pick the image while uploading from different sources like dropbox,computer,google pic,goole search image,facebook etc.. by using filepicker with filestack services

here is my steps

Step1: Add Gem

gem 'filepicker-rails'(do bunlde install)

Step 2: Need to add the key in application.rb

config.filepicker_rails.api_key = "XXXXXXXXXXXX"

Step 3: Create Form

<%= f.filepicker_field :filepicker_url,dragdrop: true,services: "COMPUTER" %>
we can restrict the different sources while providing service: "Computer" its only picking images from only computer rest of all sources its restricting.

Step 4: Show Image

<%= filepicker_image_tag @campaign.filepicker_url, w: 160, h: 160, fit: 'clip'%>

here is my reference link:


Thank You !!!!!!

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