Send Text Message and Voice Message Using Twilio with Rails 4

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Send text message and voice message with call using twilio with rails 4

here my steps:

Step1: Need to add this into you gem file

gem 'twilio-ruby', '~> 4.1.0' (do bundle install)

Step 2: set your twilio application and secret key in your secret.yml file and create method

twilio_account_sid: XXXXXXXXXXX
twilio_auth_token: XXXXXXXXXXX

Step 3: creating Method for sending the Text Message

# Method for giving the twillo credential to send message to phone number def send_otp
def send_otp  ,Rails.application.secrets.twilio_auth_token)

  # Method for generating random otp number
  def generated_otp
     otp_number = rand(0000..9999).to_s.rjust(4, "0")

 # Method for checking the onfirmation of the particular mobiler number otp
 def confirm_verify_number
    # make it session nil and send otp request to phone number
    send_request = send_otp_request

  # Method for send otp request to the phone number
  def send_otp_request
     # generating the otp number
     otp_number = generated_otp
     send_otp.account.messages.create(to: "+1"<<#{Your Phone Number},from: "#{Twilio Number}",body: otp_number.to_i)

it will send message to your phone

Step 4: creating the method for creating the voice message(need follow same step last method need to replace with below method)

def send_otp_request
      # generating the otp number
     otp_number = generated_otp
    # create call
:from => '+16467367408',:to => "+1"+#{Phone Number}r,:url =>     "{otp_number[0]}+#{otp_number[1]}+#{otp_number[2]}+#{otp_number[3]}+once+again+#{otp_number[0]}+#{otp_number[1]}+#{otp_number[2]}+#{otp_number[3]}+Please+Do+Not+Share+Number+With+Any+One+Thank+You+Enjoy+Our+Services+Good+Bye.%3C%2FSay%3E%3C%2FResponse%3E")


enjoy this blog without using any twilio setting

Thank You !!!!!

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