Awesome Analytics Platform - is one of the best analytics platform where you can manages different analytics platform in a wink of eye as mixpanel, google analytics and optimizely etc.You can integrate the functionality of in all type of different devices. You can use it in browser, mobile and server-side.  It is very powerful application that can count any events where you will integrate.

1. Browser

In browser you can use the javscript library of as Analytics.js that provides many functioanlity to integrating the data to the

2. Mobile

It provide Android and iOS sdk that can work in any of the mobile devices. These are very easy to integrate the analytics code.

3. Server Side

Server Side library of directly provide the functionality to send the data directly from the server to

Server Side Library are available for :

a. Python
b. Node.js
c. Ruby
d. PHP
e. .NET
f. Java
c. Clojure

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