How to use PHP ?

Just download this software called XAMPP  or WAMP Server. Install one of them software then copy & paste the PHP files in the C:\xampp\htdocs  or WWW Directory. Then start the server and run the script in browser by typing as "http://localhost/filename.php" in the browser address.

1. Download xampp from website…
2. The download was completed, run the apache friends xampp execution file.
3. After installation, now you can see tray icon of xampp with right corner of the window.
4. Click the tray icon and start the apache and mysql services
5. The tray icon is not available in right corner of the screen, go to start all programs xampp
6. Xampp default installation folder is C:/Xampp/htdocs
7. Execute localhost with system browser, ex: http://localhost
8. now, the browser display xampp home page
9. create new file phpino.php under folder C:/Xampp/htdocs
10. htdocs is the root folder of xampp
12. can you create more directory under htdocs and execute files with folder. Ex http://localhost/name.php

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